Hyderabad-based wellness company Emprove launches green coffee

What if your cup of joe had health benefits? You heard it right. City-based health and wellness company, Emprove, has launched pre-mix green coffee drinks that help you deal with weight loss in a natural way. Ayush Agarwal, the founder of the month-old venture says, “For fitness reasons, we see coffee lovers sacrifice their tastes and shift to green tea. We want to provide a healthier alternative to their favourite drink.” The brand was co-founded by Sushanth Yellapantula and Harshita Singh. Green coffee also renders benefits like improved metabolic health, which helps you deal with obesity.

Green coffee refers to unroasted coffee beans that have a mild aroma, unlike the strong fragrance of roasted coffee. The beans usually go through a three-step process – pulping, washing and roasting, before they’re packed into boxes for sale. During the process of roasting, about 70 per cent of essential nutrients like Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) are lost. Whereas, green coffee doesn’t include the process of roasting, thus retaining the nutrients and caffeine level at one percent.

Sushanth, Ayush and Harshita

While there are a few companies that offer green coffee in India, it’s the mix of garcinia cambogia with green coffee that makes Emprove stand out. Garcinia cambogia is a popular weight-loss supplement that keeps blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check. 

During their months of research, Ayush shares, it was found that this tropical fruit provides faster results when blended with green coffee, adding to the health quotient. “People usually consume garcinia cambogia in the form of capsules. We offer a better combination of the two,” he adds. The beans (sourced from Karnataka) and the fruit (native to Indonesia) are grounded into a fine powder, giving the person drinking it 100 per cent nutrients. For the taste, a bit of stevia, a natural sweetener, is added. Presently, Emprove has two flavours – natural coffee and lemon. 

Rs. 350 onwards for 50 gm (serves 25 cups). Also available on Amazon.in

Pics: Sayantan Ghosh

Article source: http://www.indulgexpress.com/sex-health/wellness/2018/jan/12/hyderabad-based-wellness-company-emprove-launchesgreen-coffee-5643.html


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