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Features Search out in excess of 200 features of Online shopping portal! Considering to PHP and MySQL, Online shopping portal is actually modular and customizable way out, and is technically than graphically. On the Online shopping portal official marketplace, add-ons, you can come across an unlimited quantity of extensions or templates for our e-commerce solution. Features of the Online Shopping portal… Catalog Unlimited number of categories, sub-categories, products and options. Regular declinations creator Convenient product specification variants and combinations (i.e., color, size) Limitless declinations (red, green, S, M, L…) Unlimited products declinations (red t-shirt, size XL) Unlimited products features Multiple product images with automatic resizing Numerous pictures for each product Zoom product images (multiple zoom options) Applying watermark on image of products Customers’ comments on products Assessments of customers Products Tax-free products and options Selection of products for every page number Presentation of accessible quantities on products pages Printed pages of products Arranging products according to cost, relevance, publication, etc Products categories restricted to customers’ groups Check-up of any inconsistency of Catalog’s (empty pages, inactivated…) Products and accessories packs Benefit of quantity discounts in percentage or fix amount Addition of any guide page to products pages Products references (ISBN-EAN13) Wish list Details of purchased products on the wish list (who, when) facility to send the wish list by email Manufacturers, Suppliers and brands management “Send to a friend” characteristic Managing Eco tax Facility of customizable products (pictures, texts...) Facility to download products like (MP3, PDF...) Advantage of cross Selling Customers Registration and private accounts of Customers Password Reminder feature for Customers. Order status management by email Facility to make group of customers Back up of created carts Reliability system (points) Customer referral program Newsletter opt-in Follow up of customers (vacant carts) Providing coupons to best customers and the one already ordered Automatic filling of forms with ReversoForm Follow up for the customers not ordered on a configured delay Presenting birthday gifts to customers "Email a Friend" functionality allows customer to send a link to a Product via email. Orders Real time consultation of formed carts Search/sort orders by date range, status, etc. Predefined checking orders messages Configurable smallest amount of order Facility to order products out of stock Managing returns Totaling returned products in stocks Print invoices, packing slips and UPS shipping labels Fractional slips and refund Refunds with automatic slips Particular offers like promotions, coupons, etc. Avail postage fees coupons without any charge Gift wrap or recycled wrap Gift wrap for bill Obligatory sales conditions support Coupons on categories, with a lowest amount or not, combined or not, for each customer, per day Facility of discounts such as fix amount, percents on the global order or on products Payment Numerous payment selections: credit cards, check, bank transfer, pay on delivery Means of payment - per currency or country Means of payment - per customers’ groups Payment via bank wire Built-in support for Google Checkout PayPal connected Built-in support for Money bookers Built-in support for Hipay Shipping Limitless carriers and destinations Carriers concerned to definite zones or states Order shipped confirmation email Product support for different package Courser shipping with DEJALA Store pick-up Configurable managing charges Ability to offer delivery fees (Ship by size/weight or price) Delivery fees billing by cost or weight Different delivery or billing addresses Statistics Online viewers Visits and visitors Sales and orders Accounts and profiles of customers Visitors tools like browser Catalog statistics, conversion rate for each class Pay for price of products (trade margin…) Statistics of products Finest customers Websites referrers Researched Keywords Best products, coupons, categories, suppliers Statistics for newsletter, Carriers Shop search Statistics per member Geo localization Supervising for pages not found Keywords searched through search engines Complete combination by Google Analytics GD/ Flash visualization Silver light visualization Google Charts visualization Facility of cost per click management, fixed fees per order or percent of the order Translations Translation in English, French, Spanish languages Languages group import-export from the Back-Office Limitless languages –obtainable in excess of 40 translations Online Translation device Localization Any currencies accessible Arrangement of currencies Exchange rates management Unlimited taxes Taxes for each country/zones Taxes per state Timezone SEO Web promotion optimized Managing of Meta tags (Meta title, description, keywords…) Canonical URL – copy content Google Sitemap Rewording of URL Permalinks Security Protected Back-Office access (login, password) SSL compatibility Exclusive tokens in Back Office and Front Office PCI DSS compliant E-mails headers injections blocked Encryption of passwords in database Cookies encryption Chunks recurring try to recover passwords Confrontation to attacks as XSS, CSRF, SQL injections, remote inclusions, path transversal Administration Appropriate aid in the Back-Office Customizable Back-Office or shortcuts Essential search in the Back-Office Several users management, and permissions (ACL) Upholding mode IP authorization to attain the shop in upholding mode WYSIWYG text editor Content management system Affiliation programming Bulk lister - import .CSV files Capability to adjoin complementary modules Facility of making Modules On-Off just by one click Sub domains management Partial or full backup for database Automatic generation of .htaccess/robots.txt files SMTP e-mails sending or PHP mail() Definite typefaces management in PDF files For optimized search - Products indexation Live news from Online shopping portal in the Back-office Account management SMS alerts if any from inventory, new order, etc. Out of stock e-mail alerts RSS feed Export of the newsletter listed e-mails Modular Front-Office Simple template customization Tags cloud IE 6 compatible W3C compliant Ajax cart Ajax/Alias search Customized homepage with text and pictures Presentation of products Facility of making modules On-Off just by one click Characterized products on the homepage Facility to add advertisements Presentation of new products Capacity to incorporate Google Adsense Customizable favicon Breadcrumb Numerous recipient contact form Facility of bookmark by just one click Choice for currency/Language Products RSS feed Showing products in the same group Exhibiting best sellers Display the cart content and products grouping Display of everlasting information (like legals) Display of manufacturers, suppliers and additional links Bookmark by just one click “My account” block Newsletter subscription block RSS feed subscription Emphasize the obtainable payment means Third RSS feed block Option of quick search Promotions and Footer links display Guidelines of last purchase date or addition in cart on products pages Displaying total customer’s account (about details, orders, slip, etc.) Shah Net - 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