HTML5 & CSS3 Development Kit – Fluid Baseline Grid System

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Fluid Baseline Grid System is a starting point armed with various resources to be a starting point for creating HTML5-CSS3-powered websites.

It is built with typographic standards in mind with combining principals of fluid-column layouts, baseline grids and mobile-first responsive design into a resolution independent and device agnostic framework.

Fluid Baseline Grid System

The kit is packed with CSS normalization (while correcting bugs, fixing common browser inconsistencies and improving usability) and includes jQuery, HTML5 Shiv + Respond.js.

It enforces a lightweight, and non-obtrusive code which can be edited easily for every project. By default, it is based on a 3-column folding layout, 1 column for mobile devices, 2 columns for tablets and 3 columns for desktops and beyond.

Special Downloads:
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Professional XHTML Admin Template ($15 Discount With The Code: WRD.)
Psd to Xhtml
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