Free PHP Image Resizing Script

It is a light weight product useful for web masters who often use image files. Generally, images tend to go bad in look when resizing but when with our Image Resizing Script you can still see the image without any dilapidation. By using this script you can easily resize the image at just a click away. It is absolutely free which you can add to your web site so that the visitors of your website can use this option quickly and efficiently. The user has to just select the image and the side length and then to click 'resize and it is done. Image Resize is very easy to install and it would be of a useful functionality to your web site. With this image resize script you can upload images gif ,jpg, bmp. In the submit form you can provide the height and width needed. After submitting the uploaded image file will be resized to the new height and width provided. “Image Resize” is a free program that works with just two inputs - your image and the size - and creates a new, re-sized image for you to download.


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